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Texas Women's League Charity Gala
Hello again, TWL Members!
We are a week away from the drawing for the raffle.  If you have your raffle tickets sold, we need your ticket stubs and money!  If you haven’t finished selling your tickets, please do so!  We want to make sure we have all the raffle tickets by next Monday.  The raffle ticket money helps offset Gala costs and we need your help!
If you have any questions or need any help getting the raffle tickets and money to us, contact one of the Board Members.
And remember, this coming Sunday we need as many people as we can to be at the League House to help transport from there to the Fair Pavilion.  Sunday is the first day and very important to getting the Gala started. The Gala is officially SOLD OUT!! We can place people on a waiting list if they want, but no guarantees.
Thanks for all you do to help TWL be such a success and important part of Fayette County!
Marching to a Million…
Denise Winter
Hello, TWL Members and Happy New Year!
The Board Members and I wish you a healthy, joy-filled new year.  And now to our job at hand!…
The Gala is less than seven weeks away!  Can you believe it?!  The votes have been tallied (thanks to all the Charities Committee for your hard work) and the invitations are in the mail (thanks to the Invitations Committee).  Chairs and Members of the Live, Big Board and Silent Auction Committees have been putting their creative and energetic heads together to have one of the best auctions ever!  Any of you who have ideas or contacts to add to this effort would be greatly appreciated.  Contact us to help!
Holly is coordinating with Kaywin for the schedule for Gala Week and you will be kept up-to-date.  Think how you can help.  We need you!  Heads up: one of the biggest volunteer days is the Sunday before the Gala, February 25. That is the day that we need as many helpers (some big, strong men included!) to help bring all of our supplies, etc from the League House to the Fair Pavilion.  We will need trucks and able-bodied volunteers.  It will be a full day since it is our first day in the Pavilion.  More specific details will be coming closer to the date but please reserve February 25th as a volunteer day for TWL!
The color scheme for this year is black, white and gold with a splash of red.  It will look amazing as always!
That is it for now.  If you need any information or have ideas and thoughts, please email, call or text.  We appreciate your membership and involvement.  Together we have made a huge impact on Fayette County and with your continued support we will achieve our March to a Million!

Thanks and best regards,
Denise Winter

Hello Members!

For those of you who attended the Fall Dinner, thank you! – we had a great turnout! Sixteen new members have joined us as we work this season to March to a Million!

If you have renewed your membership and did not attend Fall Dinner, you should have received your raffle tickets in your mailbox.  For those of you that did not make Fall Dinner and have not renewed, the membership application please contact Amanda Ulrich.. You can send it back to us at P.O. Box 1114, La Grange, TX 78945. If you have any question about your membership, contact Amanda Ulrich at amanda.ulrich@yahoo.com or (979) 966-3793.

Sold raffle tickets can be mailed in or dropped off at Daricek Insurance 427 S. Jefferson St., La Grange, TX 78945. Raffle tickets are due by Monday, February 26, 2018. Additional tickets are available at Daricek as well. If you have any raffle ticket questions, please contact Kate Holman at kateholman@gmail.com or (713) 560-9201.

If you are eligible to vote and have not, please contact Jessica James at texaswomensleague@hotmail.com or (979) 249-6400.  You may mail in the ballots, or scan and email them back to this email address. Remember, you have to be in TWL for one year before you are eligible to vote. All ballots must be received via email by 11:59 PM on December 6th or postmarked by December 6th to be eligible.

The Gala is approaching!  We are excited about reaching and exceeding our million dollar mark.  We need all our members’ participation and support.  You will be hearing from the Chairs for your involvement with various committees.

If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact any of Board Members or me!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Denise Winter



Dear Member,
Thank you for your commitment to the Texas Women’s League.  Together we are making a difference in Fayette County.  This is our “March To A Million” year!! What a great accomplishment!
Our Board of Directors elected at the Annual Funding Event and Membership Meeting and the officers elected at the June Board Meeting are:
Denise Winter- President
Holy McBroom-Vice President
Kate Holman-Secretary
Lori An Gobert-Treasurer
Jessica James
Lisa Baker
Lori Hollek
Katie Gross
Mary Gunn
Loretta Hajovsky
Amanda Ulrich
Julie Bundick
Lacy Banse
We hope you will continue your involvement with the League by completing the attached form and returning it with your $45 annual dues.  You also have the opportunity to pay for 2 or 3 years of membership, which allows you to receive a discount. Additional details are in the application. If you are unsure if it is time for you to renew please contact me.
We challenge you to bring new members to our organization this year! 
 For additional information, please visit our website: www.texaswomensleague.org, email me at texaswomensleague@yahoo.com  or “like” us on Facebook.
We look forward to working with you as a member of the Texas Women’s League.
Amanda Ulrich
Amanda Ulrich
Membership Chair

Dear Members, Past Members and Prospective Members,

I apologize for the last minute cancellation of our Member Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 29th.  Given the weather uncertainty and the possibility for the Fire Department needing that room for emergencies, we felt it was better to cancel.

The reason for the meeting was to kick off the Texas Women’s League “March To A Million”!  The Board Members and I are excited that this goal is reachable through the proceeds of our 2018 Spring Charity Gala.  Now, here is where YOU come in!…

We need and want your help!  Your membership is crucial to our success.  Your involvement and participation matters.  We invite you to become involved.  Your voice and votes and efforts are what it will take to achieve this goal.

Since we are only about a month away from the Fall Dinner, which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, the Board decided to incorporate the Member Meeting into the Fall Dinner.  Please plan to attend.  The evite will be out in the next few weeks.  As usual, representatives from the non-profits who apply for funding will be there.  We want as many members as possible so please put October 24th on your calendar.

The Board will discuss our plans for the Gala and introduce the Chairs for the committees.  After the dinner and voting each Chair will invite members to come and sign up for the various committees.  As I said, we need and want your involvement and commitment to ensure the Gala breaks the million dollar goal.  The Board and I assure you that when you sign up for the committees you will be contacted.  It will take ALL of us to make this the banner year.

If you have any questions or need clarification of any kind before the meeting, please contact me or any Board Member.  We all welcome your input.  Together we will achieve our goal!

Thank you for your involvement and interest in TWL.


Denise Winter




The Texas Woman’s League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves Fayette County residents by providing financial assistance to local charities. We are an organization for women of all ages who live in Texas and actively support fundraising and program support needs for Fayette County, Texas, based charities.  Since 2003, The Texas Women’s League has awarded more than $913,000.00 in grants to 70 plus charitable organizations!

The Texas Woman’s League hosts an annual gala to raise funds for 501(c)3 charities located in Fayette County, Texas. It is an all-volunteer organization managed by ladies who serve three-year terms as board members. Membership averages 150 ladies annually, with a vast majority of members (& family) actively engaged in some portion of the gala production and/or support of one or more individual charities.

The 501(c)3 non-profit charities, are chosen through an annual grant application review and awards process. Grant funding is accomplished through the annual Texas Woman’s League Gala. Further information on the Texas Women’s League annual funding program, and charities can be found at www.texaswomensleague.org.


We appreciate those of you who have sponsored the Gala in the past and hope you will renew your support. If you are not a current sponsor, please consider joining the growing list of community leaders and businesses who value sponsoring The Texas Women’s League and local charities. Together, we can continue improving the quality of life in Fayette County.

Any person desiring further information, or wish to join Texas Women’s League, may write to TWL at:

Texas Women’s League, P.O. Box 1114, La Grange, Texas 78949.

Or email: texaswomensleague@yahoo.com


Tax ID# 55-0800601


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